David’s Hair Transplant Timeline

David’s Hair Transplant Story

This is a timeline of my second hair transplant surgery with Dr. Hasson. My first surgery was 4,856 grafts back in 2006. My second surgery as displayed on this timeline, was to add an additional 1,755 grafts for further density into my frontal half of my scalp. As you can see, my hair looked great before my second surgery (because Dr. Hasson corrected some bad surgeries I had previously received from other hair transplant surgeons) but I wanted to further add more density to achieve my desired thickness goal.

I’ve come a long way from what I used to look like and I can’t thank Dr. Hasson and his staff enough for repairing the work done by the other hair transplant surgeons.

I would like to say to anyone looking at my timeline and considering hair transplant surgery, please do your research and find an experienced surgeon. You don’t want to have to go through what I went through. It was expensive and emotional. I really wish I had found Hasson & Wong in the beginning, but I’m glad I found them eventually.

David’s Timeline

Surgery Details

GRAFTS: 4,856

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