Dr. Jerry Wong

Co-Founder / Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Jerry Wong, Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr.  Jerry Wong obtained his MD degree from the University of Alberta. He worked for several years as a GP with a hospital based practice in Maple Ridge B.C. In 1991 he was introduced to hair transplant by Dr.  Dorman, a hair transplant surgeon in Vancouver. Dr.  Wong was fascinated by the microsurgical aspect of hair transplants. In 1992 Dr.  Wong attended Dr.  Mario Mazola’s school of hair transplant in Australia. In addition to micro-mini grafting,  Dr.  Wong acquired the skills to perform scalp reductions, lifting of the hair-bearing-scalp and assisted with various flap procedures. Ability to perform major scalp surgery is crucial when faced with difficult repair cases. To this day Dr.  Wong and Marzola have remained friends attending conferences and occasionally sharing vacations together.

Jerry Wong posing at Vancouver hair transplant clinic

His Hair Transplant Practice Journey

Dr.  Wong started a part time hair transplant practice in 1993 and attended the first ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery ) meeting in Dallas. A good majority of doctors performing hair transplants have had hair transplants and a lot of the work performed was using the large plug grafts. Needless to say they did not look very natural. This was also the time when strip surgery was gaining in popularity and people were using 1 to 5 hair grafts.  Although they did look better than the plug grafts they draw the eyes attention as they still looked odd and did not blend well with the existing native hair.

The problem was the exit angle from the skin. Natural hair almost always exits the skin at an angle and transplanted hair exit perpendicular to the skin. To adhere to the surgical principal of trying to minimize scar formation everyone was cutting along Langer’s line hence making sagittal slits to place the grafts. But sagittal slits provides little or no angle control. I reasoned that if the cuts were made lateral (perpendicular) to the hair direction and at the same time the blade handle was angled forward the slit would then sandwich the grafts holding the transplanted hair shaft at whatever angle the operator chooses. This simple twist of the blade enabled transplanted hair to be perfectly angled to match existing hair. Transplanted hair now blends seamlessly with existing hair and doctors now have a means to create truly undetectable work. Dr.  Wong first used the lateral slit in 1993 and presented the “lateral slit technique” at the ISHRS meeting in Barcelona in 1996.

Jerry Wong hair transplant surgeon at Hasson and WongContributions To The Hair Transplant Industry

Early on there were a few doctors that recognized the benefits of the lateral slits but the majority carried on using their current technique. In 1997 Dr. Wong and Dr. Hasson opened the Hasson and Wong Clinic and devoted their time exclusively to hair surgery. H&W made a number of technical advances including custom sized blades for recipient sites, depth control, dense packing, and scalp stretching exercise. All these techniques applied together allowed mega sessions of 5000+ grafts to be performed safely.

A few years later at the ISHRS Vancouver meeting H&W presented more than twenty live patients for other doctors to view. This instantly raised the bar and demonstrated just how good hair transplant surgery could be. This was also the meeting where lateral slit was adopted as the new standard. Over the years Dr.  Wong has attended nearly all of the ISHRS meeting and has lectured at many of them sharing the technology that was developed at H&W. It was extremely gratifying to see the overall improvement in everyone’s results and knowing that we at H&W played such a major role in improving the quality of results across the entire industry.

Dr.  Wong was a diplomat for the American board of hair restoration surgery. He is also a founding member of the (AAHRS) Asian Association of hair Restoration Surgery.  He was President of the AAHRS in 1994, and is still active on the board of directors. Thru the AAHRS Dr. Wong was grateful to have met and developed so many good friends from Asia. In 2011 Dr. Wong was awarded the golden follicle from ISHRS for clinical contributions to the field of hair restoration surgery.

Although official recognition is always nice it was just as gratifying when other surgeons mention that their work took a major leap forward after adopting Dr. Wong’s technique.  Dr.  Wong feels very fortunate and grateful to work in this field. Over the years he has been able to form long lasting friendships with hair surgeons from all over the world. Dr.  Wong also has a job he absolutely loves. A job that is stimulating, ever-changing, always seeking refinements and ways to improve.

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