Dr. Wong Returns to Europe!

Once again Dr. Wong is set to embark on his annual trip to Europe. Many of you that have done your research may know Hasson and Wong is popular among Italians and we have long been the clinic of choice

Dr. Hasson Returns To Italy!

Having long been recognized as the top hair transplant clinic in the world by many Italians, every year they look forward to Dr. Hasson’s visit to provide them a free, no-obligation hair loss and hair transplant assessment. This July 8*


China Meeting 2017

The CAHRS held its 2nd annual meeting in Hongzhou China last month with over 300 doctors in attendance. It was especially nice for us foreign doctors as they had simultaneous translations Mandarin to English. My special interest

Our Journey To FUE

The process of “follicular unit extraction “has been part of the hair restoration field since first practiced by Dr. Ray Woods in Australia 20 years ago. Although the minimally invasive nature was immediately apparent , it was felt that the