Co-Founder / Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Victor Hasson – Vancouver Hair Transplant Surgeon

Victor Hasson grew up in Harare, the largest city and the capital of Zimbabwe and moved to Cape Town, South Africa to attend University of Cape Town and earn his medical degree. Dr. Hasson graduated in 1984 and soon found himself working in General Practice as an Emergency Medical Officer in Canada. He worked at a number of locations across Canada between 1986 and 1992.

In 1993 he shifted gears and started his Hair Transplant surgical preceptorship in Vancouver. His training as a hair transplant surgeon took him to several leading hair transplant centers across Canada where he immersed himself in the most current techniques and procedures. What he saw and learned made him keen to start his own hair transplant clinic.

The Partnership

Dr. Hasson had met Dr. Wong a number of times over the years at medical conferences and social events, and in 1997 they resolved to start working together and opened the Hasson and Wong Hair Transplant Clinic in Vancouver. Dr. Hasson was eager to take what he’d learned over the years and put it into practice in his own clinic. He was enthusiastic to improve upon the procedures he had been taught and was convinced there were much more effective ways to achieve excellent results.

Continual Refinements

Dr. Hasson was impressed by the work of Drs. Limmer, Rassman, Berstein and Seager and set out to implement and refine their pioneering techniques. The idea of continually refining and improving procedures, techniques and service became central to how Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong would operate the clinic.

Hair Transplant Pioneers

Over the ensuing years, Dr. Hasson has been involved with a number of professional associations and has been invited to present at a numerous ISHRS conferences. He has been recognized for his pioneering work introducing and honing the lateral slit technique along with Dr. Wong.

Always looking to improve, Dr. Hasson helped create a device that would allow for more accurate incisions into the recipient area with less trauma to the scalp. The instrument is used to customize surgical blades to precisely match the size of each patients’ individual follicle. The unit allows us to vary the blade width which enables ultra-dense packing of the transplanted area. This kind of innovation had a substantial impact on the quality of our results and was one of the factors that helped to establish Hasson and Wong as a World-leader in hair transplant surgery.

Hasson and Wong hair transplant surgeon Dr. HassonMotivation and Hair Transplant Rewards

One of the things that got Dr. Hasson hooked on providing hair transplant surgery is the ability to help patients experience truly life-altering results after just one surgery. If you’ve seen any of our before-and-after photo sets, you’ll be able to tell that many patients experience a profound change in confidence which leads to a much happier outlook and hopefully to more fulfilling relationships and a more enjoyable life. That’s a pretty great thing to be a part of.

Skills and Experience

Dr. Hasson has worked with patients with every kind of hair, all skin types and ethnicities, and with all types of hair loss. We estimate that he has performed over 7,500 procedures. As you can imagine, Dr. Hasson has developed an expert eye for intricate details. Not only does he use this skill when extracting follicles and preparing recipient sites, he also applies the skill to analyzing the smallest details in the surgical procedure and in the patient’s experience.


His quest for consistently outstanding results is matched by his desire for efficiency. Dr. Hasson is proud that since the beginning, the Hasson and Wong Clinic has been pushing the boundaries of what hair transplant surgery can accomplish and how efficient it can be. When the Doctors first introduced the lateral slit technique, it changed the industry. The standards for natural-looking hair transplant were raised, and the industry stigma of pluggy-looking hair transplants started to fade. The doctors worked hard with their teams to refine clinical procedures to enable hair transplant megasessions where large numbers of grafts can be harvested in one procedure.

hair transplant surgeon Dr. Victor Hasson of Hasson and WongDr. Hasson believes efficiency is imperative for helping patients to realize their hair restoration goals. Fewer procedures benefit the patient through reduced cost, reduced scarring and reduced overall downtime. He is recognized for his “one pass approach” that achieves desired hair transplant density for the patient in one procedure instead of two or three. Dr. Hasson performs procedures, on average, of 3500 to 4500 follicular unit grafts per day, per patient and routinely harvests over 5000 follicular unit grafts in one session.

“Extra-Clinicular” Activities

When he’s not in the clinic, Dr. Hasson is most likely occupied with his three children, ages 8 to 13 years old, who he parents with his wife of 17 years. If he has time, he likes to play squash and to explore Vancouver’s vibrant restaurant scene. If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is just starting their hair transplant research, what would you say?

“Learn to be critical! Look carefully at the before and after pictures; learn how lighting and camera angles can affect transparency. Look for big, bright, clear images that you can investigate up close. Make sure your surgeon is showing you their own patients and their own results – there are too many clinics that represent themselves using other clinics results.”


Dr. Hasson’s cutting edge approach and philosophy raised the bar for the entire hair restoration industry. Dr. Hasson, who has performed more hair restoration procedures than almost any other surgeon on the planet, performs both Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and state of the art follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) . He emphasizes the importance of having an artistic approach with regards to all aspects of follicular unit graft placement. Dr. Hasson continues to push the envelope of hair transplant surgery every day. Dr. Hasson is a member of the International Society of Restoration Surgeons.