Meet the Hasson & Wong Team

Hasson and Wong surgical team

Doctor Hasson and Doctor Wong have developed incredible technical teams over the past 20 years.  Hair transplant technicians are involved in many aspects of hair transplant surgery and in the operation of the clinic.

Each doctor has their own crew of technicians that they work with every day, creating tight, well-choreographed, cohesive teams. On the day of your surgery, an entire team will be dedicated to your procedure. The team ensures that your operating room is in perfect order and that the tools and supplies required for the day are exactly where they need to be, instantly available to your surgeon.

Technical staff may also greet you, collect your paperwork, advise you on how your day will unfold and answer your questions. When you arrive for your operation, a technician will provide you with a surgical garment and will wash your hair and scalp with a disinfecting shampoo.  During your procedure, your team will ensure your comfort, make sure you get breaks when you need them, make sure you are not thirsty and will order a nice lunch for you.

How Our Team Helps

Besides working directly with you during your operation, the team also takes care of many behind-the-scenes organization requirements like ordering and maintaining medical supplies inventories, maintaining, recording and evaluating sterilization routines, keeping precise records of your procedure and many other operational duties.

During your surgery, team members fulfill specific roles that work together in a coordinated manner.  If you are having FUE extraction, the extractions may be performed by your surgeon working with specific technicians, or may be performed by specific technicians alone. For FUT extraction, your surgeon works side-by-side with technicians to prepare the donor site. Your technician plays a critical role in the extraction of the strip and the subsequent closing of the donor wound. Our hair transplant scars are incredibly undetectable!

Preparing The Hair Transplant Grafts

Regardless of whether you have chosen FUE or FUT, specific team members will be manning the microscopes to inspect and prepare every extracted graft.  For FUE, small batches of grafts are passed frequently from then extractor to the trimmer.  For FUT, the trimmer works directly with a part of the extracted strip to separate and trim each graft unit.

When it is time to perform the actual transplantation of hair grafts, your surgeon and planting teamwork in rotation. Your surgeon precisely creates a series of incisions, ensuring the correct depth, angle, rotation and width using blades that are custom-cut for your scalp profile. Once a series of incisions have been made (incisions may take anywhere from one hour to three hours or more) the technicians take over and meticulously plant each trimmed graft unit one-at-a-time.  When they’ve completed a round of planting, the surgeon starts a fresh series of incisions and the process repeats until all the grafts have been implanted.

A member of your technical team will also discuss your post-operative hair transplant recovery with you and help you understand what to expect.  We’ll also invite you back the day after your surgery so your technician can show you exactly how to gently wash your hair for the next few weeks to keep your healing on-track.

Hasson and Wong hair transplant technicians cutting hair grafts

We Speak 10 Languages!

world flags displaying our hair transplant support languagesAs if that wasn’t enough, our fabulous team of techs are also able to provide translation services in 10 different languages. So if your English is rusty, we can help you in Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Filipino (Tagalog), Cantonese, Hindi, Afrikaans and Hebrew!

Our team members range in experience from 5 years to 20, with the average length of service coming in at almost 14 years, providing you with one of the most experienced and expert hair transplant teams in the world.

If you’re looking for a world-class hair transplant, with world-class results by two of the world’s most respected hair transplant surgeons supported by an incredibly talented and professional technical team, then you should consider Hasson and Wong.