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What Are People Saying About Hasson And Wong?

At Hasson and Wong, we’re proud of the positive hair transplant reviews and testimonials that continue to be shared about our clinic. We’re extremely grateful to former hair transplant patients who have taken the time to write a review, provide us with video testimonials of their hair transplant journey and hair loss story and to those that participate in our blog and Patient Timeline program.  These are real patients, openly discussing and sharing not only their hair transplant journey but their hair loss journey over the years leading up to their decision to have a hair transplant. We invite you to enjoy the following video testimonials that some of our former patients have allowed us to film over the years.

Hasson and Wong Review – Cameron

Cameron discusses his hair transplant surgery with Dr. Victor Hasson, nine months after his surgery of 4,527 grafts in a single session. While Cameron still has a few more months of growth left, you can see his amazing transformation already.Cameron also discusses his hair loss and what prompted him to proceed with hair transplant surgery and the effect that hair loss had on his confidence.

Hasson and Wong before and after hair transplant patient review

This patient is now able to style his hair in any manner he chooses after receiving just over 4,000 hair transplant grafts. you can see how full and natural looking his hairline is now.

Hair transplant before and after Hasson and Wong reviews

The above is a profile view and a side by side comparison. The thickness of his hair after his transplant is evident and he can now comb his hair to the side as opposed to brushing it forward.

I strongly recommend this to any of you guys out there that are struggling with hair loss. For me, it was a life changing experience and something I would recommend to anyone who wants to do this.

Hair Transplant Review From Franco

This former Hasson and Wong hair transplant patient provides us with an overview of his surgery experience with Dr. Victor Hasson and describes the reaction of friends and family members when they see him with a full head of hair for the first time.
This patient received just over 4,700 grafts in a single session with the focus of the work being done on his mid-scalp of frontal hairline. The patient describes how his hair transplant has provided him with a renewed sense of confidence.

before and after hair transplant of Hasson and Wong patient

After receiving just over 4,700 grafts, Dr. Victor Hasson was able to restore this patient’s hairline and mid-scalp. It’s made not only a difference in this patient’s appearance but also his overall confidence and self-esteem.

hiarline close up of Hasson hair transplant review patient

You can clearly see how natural looking this patient’s hairline is after his surgery. Even close up, his surgery results are completely undetectable. He’s now able to style his hair in any manner he chooses.

Hair Transplant Review From Bob

In this video, our former patient, Bob, discusses his hair loss history and his decision to proceed with hair transplant surgery. Bob had two hair transplant procedures with our clinic. The first procedure was 4,849 grafts with a focus on the front and mid scalp and the second procedure required 2,955 grafts to fill in his crown area.

Bob had been evaluating multiple hair transplant clinics before ultimately deciding to proceed with surgery with our clinic. Bob has been a great supporter of our clinic over the years and we truly appreciate his reviews of our clinic, for publicly sharing his experience with our clinic and assisting other individuals considering hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Review photos before and after hair transplant patient

This before and after photo set of Bob’s hairline clearly displays the significance of his hair loss. His hairline and mid-scalp area received nearly 5,000 grafts and completely transformed his appearance.

side view of former hair transplant patient of hasson and Wong

Here’s  a side profile view of Bob’s hair transplant surgery results. As you can see, his surgery has enhanced his overall profile. This patient had an additional surgery of close to 3,000 grafts to increase the density in his crown area.

What ultimately separated Hasson and Wong, was the massive amount of results being displayed online. The results were better documented and the photos didn't seemed touched up. The results were raw. Hasson and Wong were doing much more in terms of grafts per session, than any other clinic I was looking at.

Hair Transplant Review 5880 Grafts

This patient had a single hair transplant surgery consisting of 5,880 grafts. When he came to Hasson and Wong, he was a 5A on the Norwood scale .  In this video, this former Hasson and Wong patient discusses how hair loss played a role in decreasing his self-esteem and how much his self-esteem has risen since regaining his hair. We appreciate the kind words stated in his video and review of our clinic and we are extremely happy that we played a role in making this patient feel confident and youthful again.

hasson and wong before and after of hair transplant testimonial patient

6,000 grafts sure makes a difference! It’s understandable why this patient is ecstatic about his hair transplant results. What an incredible before and after contrast.

Dr. Victor Hasson hair transplant before and after photo of Bill

This before and after photo set of this patient’s hairline and mild scalp displays the significance of his hair loss. He now has ample coverage and a completely natural looking hairline.

From the first moment I walked into the clinic, I was treated professionally and felt very comfortable. Every detail of the surgery was explained to me and if I had any questions, everything was clearly detailed. I couldn’t have been treated any better.

Hair Transplant Review 3800 Grafts

The following hair transplant review is from a former patient named Harry. Unfortunately, Harry was the recipient of multiple bad hair transplants performed by another clinic in the UK. Harry had lived with unnatural looking hair transplant results for many years!

Fortunately though, Dr. Wong was able to repair the previous work and provide Harry with a more natural look. This patient received nearly 4,000 hair transplant grafts in his first hair transplant and as you can hear in this video, he came back for an additional 3,000 grafts to add density to his crown and lower his hairline a bit. Watch his video and see what he has to say about Hasson and Wong!

hair transplant photo of patient before and after hair transplant repair

Prior to visiting Hasson and Wong, Harry was the recipient of multiple bad hair transplants. Although a difficult repair case, Dr. Jerry Wong was able to repair the previous transplants and the result speaks for itself.

photo of Hasson and wong hair transplant patient hairline

In this closeup view, you can see the unnatural looking ‘plugs’ that were transplanted by Harry’s previous hair transplant surgeons. Harry now boasts a more natural looking hairline.

I sent my photos to multiple hair transplant clinics in the Uk and the United States. Every clinic said I didn’t have enough donor hair for another hair transplant. The clinics that said I didn’t have enough donor hair to help repair my previous bad hair transplants, I think they were very, very wrong. I think I made the right choice choosing Hasson and Wong. – Harry

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