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Hair Transplant Consultation Toronto

Considering hair transplant surgery? Provide James with a bit of information about your hair loss and hair restoration goals. James is available to meet you in person in Toronto and other cities depending upon on his travel schedule. James will let you know if you’re eligible for hair transplant surgery and provide you with a hair transplant cost estimate. See his amazing transformation in person! Start your own transformation today!

Hasson & Wong offer in person hair transplant consultations in Toronto Ontario. James, a former Hasson & Wong hair transplant patient is available to meet in person. Travel incentive programs are available for out of town patients who elect to have surgery and travel to our hair transplant clinic on the west coast of Canada. If you live in Ontario and you’re considering hair restoration surgery, do your research and you’ll quickly discover that Hasson & Wong are amongst the most respected and elite surgeons in the world.

The decision to have any form of cosmetic surgery is a big one and requires an individual to perform as much due diligence as possible. Hasson & Wong are award winning hair transplant surgeons and have performed over 20,000 hair transplant surgeries. Check out our life changing hair transplant photos and videos. We’re confident that our work, speaks for itself.

Meet James in Toronto!

We look forward to learning more about your hair restoration goals and providing you with a world-class hair transplant result.

Toronto Hair Transplant

hair transplant toronto Ontario

We realize you have options when it comes to selecting a hair transplant surgeon in Toronto. But just because someone is located in your backyard, doesn’t mean they’re always the best choice. Find out why people from all over the world, continue to choose Hasson & Wong for a world class hair restoration.

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Former Patient Becomes Consultant

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Meet James, our Ontario hair transplant consultant. James is available for in person hair transplant consultations in Ontario.  James is a former Hasson & Wong hair transplant patient (so you’re able to see our incredible hair transplant results in person when you meet with him) who is passionate about sharing his hair loss journey and hair transplant journey,  with others considering hair restoration surgery.

James Hasosn and Wong Toronto hair transplant consultant

James’ Hair Transplant Journey

I noticed my hair was thinning around the age of 25 and it really affected my confidence and of course, my appearance. For the next six years, I researched hair transplant clinics in Toronto and all over North America.

I did absolutely nothing about my hair loss, but merely watched as it receded more and more in the temples and the overall appearance of my hair,  continued to worsen. When I was 31 years old I finally had enough. The decision to make a change and do something outside of my comfort zone, was not one that I took lightly or that came very easily. I still had hair, but it just wasn’t looking the way I wanted it and I couldn’t take it any longer.

When the amount of time one wears a baseball cap exceeds the time that you one doesn’t, then this it’s a telltale sign that you are unhappy with the appearance of your hair.  If I can impart anything of significance from my own experience, it is that this was an investment in myself and my own happiness. Depression also accompanies hair loss and although I never went to a Doctor to discuss this, I can say that I was much happier after I took action and made the decision to make a change and proceed with surgery.

Although I was quite skeptical about hair transplant surgery, I began meeting with some surgeons and former hair transplant patients in Toronto, to learn more about my options and see real, in person results. After visiting hair transplant clinics in Toronto, Calgary and across North America, I was not completely satisfied with the results I was seeing or in some cases I felt like I was being pressured into surgery. There is a lot of bad information out there and it can be quite frustrating trying to find someone you can trust. Be careful of gimmicks and marketing. I found that staying focused on the results of people’s surgery I could see and ensuring that I would receive the correct amount of graphs I was promised, was how I was able to stay focused and find a surgeon that really had my best interest at heart.

Finally, I visited Hasson and Wong and met with a few of their patients. I was absolutely blown away with the results that I saw and after doing my research online for hair transplant reviews, I began to understand why they were so highly regarded.

After all the research, seeing the incredible results and having a consultation, I decided to book my surgery with Dr. Hasson. 6120 graphs later in one session it restored my hair’s appearance to when I was in my mid 20’s and gave me back my confidence.

Waiting for the growth to begin was certainly a test of patience but as the weeks passed by and the hair began to grow more and more, it became a very exciting process. All the more reason why you really want to ensure that you choose the right surgeons.

I had some friends that had gone to other clinics to have FUE and FUT surgery and they were not pleased with the results. They experienced some hair growth but nowhere near to the extent that I did. I was so impressed with the result and how well I was treated compared to some of the other clinics that I offered to be trained to become the Toronto hair transplant consultant so that I could provide people with good advice, share my personal experience and help them make an informed decision. I now travel to Toronto, Calgary and parts of the U.S to offer consultation services.

What Occurs During An Initial Consultation?

During your consultation, James will go over a variety of topics related to your existing hair loss, your hair restoration goals, the cost of your hair transplant surgery and if you’re eligible for hair transplant surgery or not. He’ll also discuss the surgical options offered at Hasson & Wong (FUE hair transplant surgery and FUT hair transplant surgery). At the end of your consultation, you’ll walk away well informed and prepared to take the next steps towards achieving your hair restoration goals.

Toronto hair transplant surgeon consulting with patient

Hair Loss History

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your previous hair loss history and the potential progression of your future hair loss. We’ll also discuss available hair loss medications and formulas that can assist with maintaining your existing hair and can potentially assist with the regrowth of some of your hair.

For more information on male pattern hair loss, you can visit our male pattern hairloss page. For more information on female pattern hair loss, you can visit our female hair loss page.

Are You Eligible?

There are certain circumstances under which some individuals won’t be eligible for hair transplant surgery. These circumstances could include; age (too young) available donor hair (not enough to suffice the required amount of hair needed to provide the desired coverage) and in some circumstances, financial reasons. During your consultation, we’ll go over the applciable scenarios and ensure you’re properly educated and have a thorough understanding of each.

hair transplant patient results

How Much Will Your Hair Transplant Cost?

During your initial consultation, we’ll also discuss the amount of grafts that we believe you’ll require to meet your hair restoration goals and the amounts of grafts needed to provide the coverage to produce a natural looking result that compliments your age and facial structure.

Once we have an understanding of the grafts required, we’ll then be able to provide you with an idea of the cost of your hair transplant. Financing for your hair transplant surgery is also available if required.

Your Surgery Options

At Hasson & Wong, we offer both FUE hair transplant surgery and FUT hair transplant surgery options. During our consultation, we’ll discuss both options and the differences between them. We’ll also discuss the recovery process of both FUT surgery versus FUE hair transplant surgery. We’ll also discuss why you may want to consider one of the surgery options over the other.

photo of FUE and FUT hair transplant surgery in Toronto
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