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Our Surgical Clinic in Vancouver. BC

The Hasson and Wong hair transplant clinic is located in beautiful British Columbia Canada. Should you elect to have hair transplant surgery at our clinic, not only will you receive a world–class hair transplant, but you’ll also be visiting one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Vancouver, Canada is truly a ‘must visit’ city and is consistently ranked as one of the top ten most desirable places to live worldwide.

While you sit comfortably in one of our state-of-the-art surgical chairs, you’ll enjoy an unobstructed, breathtaking view of downtown Vancouver and False Creek. Our clinic is situated on the upper floors of a modern building located on Broadway Street Vancouver. There are several reasons to visit Hasson and Wong and several reasons to visit Vancouver!

The Environment

When considering the design of our clinic, we wanted to ensure that our patients knew they were in a world-class hair transplant clinic the moment they walked into our clinic. At the same time, we wanted to offer a warm and inviting environment. We truly believe we’ve accomplished this balance with our newly designed clinic.
While you’re completing the brief paperwork required the day of your surgery or whether you’re waiting for a consultation at our clinic, we’re certain you’ll be comfortable in our tastefully designed waiting area.

hasson and wong hair transplant clinic on broadway street vancouver BC

The Location

As mentioned, the Hasson and Wong clinic is located on Broadway Street (a major street in the Vancouver metropolitan area). Our clinic is very accessible via public transportation and is easy to reach from our International airport.
Restaurants and hotels are close by as well as several other merchant businesses such as coffee shops, grocery stores, markets and more. Everything you need is within walking distance!

Hasson and Wong hair transplant surgery

Surgical Suites

hair transplant clinic view

The View From Our Surgery Suites

Our hair transplant surgery suites were built for comfort. For the majority of our patients, surgery can take up to eight hours or more. Understanding this, we’ve taken every step possible to ensure that our patients are comfortable throughout the day.
Our surgery suites offer modern and relaxing surgery chairs (many of our patients take a nap during their surgery), mounted flat screen TVs, a huge library of movies, Netflix is available, music to choose from and complete privacy. Restrooms are only steps away from each of our suites as well.

hair transplant surgery technicians

The Hair Transplant Technicians

The Hasson and Wong hair transplant technicians play a crucial role in the hair transplant surgery process. Our highly trained technicians are responsible for dissecting the follicular units from the donor strips as well as placing the grafts into the graft sites created by our surgeons. They also assist with the removal of surgical staples, post surgery and pre-surgery hair rinses and more.
You’ll really get to know the technicians that are responsible for graft placement as they cycle in and out during your surgery. We’re confident you will find them to be as delightful, friendly and entertaining as we do!
There is a designated area within our surgical clinic for our technicians to work in an uninterrupted environment. They use the latest hair transplant techniques and equipment to aid them in their procedures.

hair transplant surgeon in surgery

The Surgeons

Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong are world renowned hair transplant surgeons. People from all over the world travel for a Hasson and Wong hair transplant. Learn more about Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong. Why choose Hasson and Wong? Here are the many reasons why you should consider Hasson and Wong for you hair transplant surgery! Our clinic offers both FUE and FUT surgical options.

The Support Team

Each member of the Hasson and Wong support team truly cares about you and truly cares about your surgery results. Our team members are highly trained in their areas of expertise and the attention to detail you would expect from a world-class hair transplant clinic, will be apparent upon your first encounter with one of our team members.
The attention to detail and the care doesn’t end after your surgery. It continues to final stages of your hair growth. Our staff members are always available for contact via phone or email should you have any post surgery questions or comments.

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