Woman holding dollar signFinancing Your Hair Transplant

Although we don’t offer in-house financing at Hasson and Wong, we have however aligned ourselves with multiple financial institutions that can assist with the financing of your hair transplant surgery. Continue reading to learn how you can spread the cost of your surgery over several years, for a low monthly payment and learn about other factors and considerations that play a role in the cost of surgery.

Insurance Coverage

For most patients, hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic, elective surgery, which means the costs are not covered by medical insurance.  The costs can seem daunting to some people, but the value of the operation is often life-changing. When it comes to a surgical procedure that can last a lifetime, we encourage patients to seek the highest quality and most experienced hair transplant surgeon they can find. The cost of the procedure should really be secondary to the quality of the results you are seeking.

Seeking a Discount?

If you’re buying a new car or a TV, you should absolutely seek out for the best value you can find for the brand you want. With items such as TVs and cars, typically the quality of the product will be relatively similar, no matter what price you find it for.  When you are looking for a qualified surgeon, discounted prices do not come with any kind of quality assurance.

Hasson and Wong use the most up-to-date equipment and technology, employ some of the most experienced and professional surgeons and technicians in the industry so each patient’s experience is premium and their results outstanding.  The cost of your surgery at Hasson and Wong covers your technical team, your surgeon, the administration and your state-of-the-art operating rooms.

sign that says today is your dayNobody ever said “I wish I’d waited longer”

We’ve been at this for about 20 years and we know that financing hair transplant surgery can be stressful, and prevents some patients from making the decision to move forward and improve their looks. We also know that nobody ever wished they’d waited a few more years to have the work done. If anything, our patients wish they had taken the plunge earlier.


How Much Does It Cost?

The exact cost of your surgery depends on just two things:

  1.       How many grafts are transplanted
  2.       The method of extraction used (FUE vs. FUT)

Graft Estimate

Before your surgery, Dr. Hasson or Dr. Wong will provide an estimate of the number of graft units required to achieve the results you desire.  The consultation process will ensure that your desires are reasonable and can be achieved with the amount of donor hair you have available. An exact inventory of grafts is kept during your surgery so you only pay for what you get!

Cost Calculation

If you are having FUT (Strip) extraction, the rate is $6/graft for the first 2000 grafts and $4/grafts for anything over 2000 grafts in the same surgical session. For FUE, the labour requirements are more intense, and the first 2000 grafts are $8 each, with any grafts over 2000 in the same session priced at $6.

Read more about costs and use the calculator here: Hair Transplant Cost Calculator

Third-Party Financing

Hair transplant financing is available to patients in the U.S.A. and Canada from a few private financial institutions. Hasson and Wong are not affiliated with these companies and do not offer in-house financing.  Financing $10,000 with 120 month term can cost as little as $149.00/month or only $37.00/week.  For $15,000 you can expect to pay just $223/month or around $55/week.

Get the procedure you want, today! Beautifi is Canada’s specialized provider of hair restoration financing solutions. We offer affordable and flexible loans up to $25,000+, with low monthly payments that work with your budget. We put the patient first and require no money down with no prepayment penalties and an easy approval process. Our 100% online application is fast, simple, and secure. Get approved in minutes at or give us a call at 1-800-969-7034. Applying will not impact your credit score.

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USA Hair Transplant Financing

LendingUSA.COM (U.S. only) LendingUSA offers convenient financing programs and flexible payment options. With available limits from $1,000 to over $25,000, including financing programs for even those with less than perfect credit. Rates start as low as 8.75% and there are no prepayment penalties. Call: 1-800-994-6177

LendingUSA does not offer financing for New York, Connecticut or Vermont.