FUE Hair Transplant

For over 20 years, Hasson & Wong have been pioneers and world leaders in the field of hair restoration surgery. Patients come from all over the globe to achieve the very best results possible. Now we are excited introduce our cutting-edge technology in Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant (FUE Hair Transplant).

We have performed over 1000 FUE hair transplant procedures and are delighted with the incredible results we are achieving. No longer are patients required to undergo strip procedures in order to achieve the ultimate results. We can say with complete confidence that clinical yields with our FUE procedures are equal to those of traditional strip surgeries and microscopic dissection.

While it remains true that certain patients are better candidates for different methods, we are able to offer patients the choice (FUT or FUE), with the assurance that no matter which technique they choose, they will be getting the best results possible – anywhere in the world.

For those patients who want maximum results in the shortest time possible, we are able to make use of a combination of techniques on consecutive days.

For those wondering how a clinic that has been performing FUE procedures for such a short period of time could achieve results of this calibre, the answer is twofold:

  1. We have been experimenting with FUE since the time it first emerged on the hair transplant scene. Since the yields were initially much lower than strip surgery, however, we refrained from offering it to our general patient population. We have experimented with almost every extraction method available – including the over-hyped, but fundamentally flawed, robotic method. Now that we are confident that we can achieve results comparable to those of our strip technique, are have made the decision to promote FUE.
  2. The only difference between the techniques is the manner in which the grafts are harvested. The same technical and artistic skills are used in the design and preparation of the recipient sites.

What Is A FUE Hair Transplant?

A FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a far less invasive alternative to traditional strip surgery. There is no use of scalpels, staples or sutures. As such, FUE is more accurately described as a “procedure” than as a “surgery.” The donor area is shaved down to the skin so the individual follicular units (FU’s) are exposed. Once the individual follicular units are visible, we can cherry-pick the most ideal FU’s to be extracted. Usually the units with the most follicles are chosen for removal. This allows us to maximize the number of follicles per graft excised. The average number of follicles per graft is considerably greater with this technique than with traditional strip harvesting and microscopic dissection.

Once the follicular units have been extracted, they are passed on to technicians and trimmed of excess tissue – thus rendering them the perfect size for our custom recipient sites. There are multiple modifications possible with the FUE technique – one such example being unshaven FUE. In this case, only the follicular units selected for extraction are shaven, while the surrounding hair is left longer. In this way, the entire donor site appears unchanged with no evidence of a procedure apparent. This technique takes longer, but offers the advantage of complete undetectability and is thus suitable for individuals requiring zero postoperative downtime.

The term ‘FUE’ may be applied to any extraction technique that does not involve a scalpel. Any size punch will qualify – be it sharp, dull, manual or motorized.

The longer the punch, the greater the trauma to the scalp and the increased likelihood of donor scarring. Since the primary purpose of FUE is to reduce the amount of visible scarring on the scalp, flat hybrid punches are our tools of choice for producing grafts with the least possible trauma to both the graft and the donor area.

FUE Hair Transplant Before And After

We have prepared a new photo gallery exclusively for our FUE results. Now you be the judge!

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How Are FUE Grafts Harvested?

The harvesting of FUE grafts is a highly specialized skill requiring exceptional fine motor coordination and patience. At our Clinic, we currently employ a team of 24 technicians who have been working with microscopic dissection for many years. Only four of these technicians – each selected for their high level of skill in the field – have been trained to perform FUE extractions. This training has taken place at two of the best clinics in the world, both known for their expertise in the execution of FUE technique. We believe that our technicians can match (and most likely exceed) the skill of even the very best extraction physicians available anywhere in the world. In addition, our technicians are able to perform their work without any time constraints whatsoever. In contrast, physicians possessing comparable skills likely have busy practices, and thus would simply not be able to devote the same amount of time to extractions.

We currently make use of the WAW system with motorized handle and reciprocating motion in conjunction with a flat, hybrid punch in the 0.8 – 0.9 mm range. This highly refined motorized punch is thought by many physicians to be the best motorized punch in the world. We concur. It is now possible to produce grafts as good as, if not better than, those produced by strip excision and microscopic dissection. The only real difference is the amount of perifollicular fat surrounding the follicles.

At Hasson & Wong, we have spent years perfecting the FUE technique to a level comparable to that of our strip technique. We have no doubt that our reputation will soon include our ability to provide the very best FUE available in the world today.

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