Oslo FUT Hair Transplant Timeline

Norwegian Patient’s Hair Transplant Story

I first noticed that I was losing my around 19 years old. My temples increased slowly year after year, my hair was thinning on the sides and in addition to that I was born naturally with relatively weak temple points.

I was not comfortable with this at all and decided to do a hair transplant in Poseidon clinic in Norway in 2012. At this stage I did not know the difference between the results of different doctors and clinics. I trusted my surgical clinic as they were known as the best in Norway.

I had a minor FUE surgery of 1000 hairs (around 500 grafts), and really not happy at all with the result. Wrong hair direction, complete temple closure and poor density. After this my hair starting thinning from the front too. I realized I had to go to a real expert to solve my issue and I decided to give H&W in Vancouver a chance after researching on the internet and a very convincing consultation I had with a Hasson & Wong adviser in London.

This picture shown was taken during the consultation in London to show me roughly how my new expected hairline should look in black and the red line representing the area of the transplanted hairs that needed to be removed. I was promised thicker hair in the front and stronger temple points. We also agreed to remove some of the grafts from previous hair transplant in order to create a more natural hairline.

This FUT patient’s journey is still in progress!

Follow his timeline as he continues his hair restoration recovery and, ultimately, sees his final stages of growth.
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FUE Timeline

Surgery Details

GRAFTS: 3,501
SURGERY DATE: October 23, 2014

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