Hair Transplant Timeline FUE and FUT Surgery

Four Years Post Op Hair Transplant Timeline

RB’s Hair Transplant Journey

This patient, referred to as “RB” has generously allowed us to post his photos and tell his story.

RB had two surgeries performed by Dr. Hasson. His first surgery was on September 14, 2012. This surgery was performed using the FUT method and consisted of 3548 grafts. His FUT surgery was performed in a single day.
Four years later, on Aug 31, 2016 and September 1,2016, RB returned to have additional procedures using the FUE hair transplant surgery technique. These additional surgeries were performed to address his crown and thicken his hairline. The surgeries were performed over two consecutive days.

RB received a total of 2,460 grafts during his 2016 procedure. Day one addressed his fontal area consisting of 1,385 grafts and day two addressed his crown region, consisting of 1,075 grafts. A .8mm manual punch was used for the surgery.

RB’s Own Words

Before I decided to come to Dr. Hasson for hair restoration, I investigated most potential options online. There are so many discussions of the technical differences of various approaches, but at the end what attracted me was that I liked the results he was achieving. Instead of trying to save pennies on some other international clinics, I decided to give Dr. Hasson a chance. I’m very glad I did.

Dr. Hasson is a true medical artist. I could feel from the first moment that he was analyzing my situation with a great wealth of experience and an artistic eye. His conclusion of what I needed was different than what I expected, but at the end I realized he was right.

The whole office experience was delightful, as well. From the front office staff, conversations with consultant Doug, to the superbly experienced technicians, I have nothing but great memories and wonderful results to take home.

RB’s Timeline

Surgery #1 Details

GRAFTS: 3,548

Surgery #2 Details

GRAFTS: 2,460
SURGERY DATE:  August 31, 2016

More Amazing Results

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