Stages Of Hair Transplant Growth

Stages Of Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

hair transplant timeline pre op front hairline view

Stages Of  Hair Transplant Growth – Rob’s Timeline

Rob from Montana had done extensive research before he choose Hasson and Wong and was very clear on his hair restoration goals and coveted hairline. As a result of the considerable knowledge gained by his research, Rob had a good understanding of what his desired hairline would entail and therefore Dr. Hasson agreed to a more aggressive design and approach.

This would mean more of the grafts would be committed to the frontal half and a second procedure to complete the transformation would be planned to address the crown. A more conservative approach would have meant a higher hairline and the need for fewer grafts on a possible second procedure if desired or necessary. The lower more aggressive hairline would then simply mean a higher number of grafts may be needed on the second procedure to cover the extra area of balding/thinning scalp.

For those patients with a more limited donor supply, the more aggressive hairline would not be recommended. However, as our photos gallery would indicate, a higher more conservative hairline can also create a dramatic transformation and significant cosmetic benefit. As clearly evidenced by the 6 month post-op update below, the cosmetic impact as a result of this 5350 graft hair transplant procedure is impressive and he is very happy with the outcome so far.

Thank you Rob for sharing his stages of hair transplant growth and his hair transplant recovery and congratulations on your new look! We will look forward to seeing you again at the clinic for round two!

Rob’s Stages Of Hair Transplant Growth

Surgery Details

GRAFTS: 5,350
SURGERY DATE: January 25,2018

More Amazing Results

Hasson and Wong possess the highest level of artistic skills necessary to provide natural looking hair transplant results. This level of skill can only be acquired by performing thousands of hair transplant surgeries. We believe our work speaks for itself.

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