RK’S Hair Transplant Timeline

FUE Hair Transplant Timeline – Dr. Victor Hasson Patient

FUE hair transplant timeline patient on day of surgery of 2,593 grafts

“RK’s” FUE Hair Transplant Journey

This Vancouver area patient in his mid 20’s came to the clinic to see Dr. Hasson about his receded hairline. He was excited about his procedure and gracious enough to come by the clinic at certain intervals to let us chronical his post-op journey. By the 5 month mark it was evident that his 2593 graft FUE procedure would accomplish his goals of both restoring his hairline and having the ability to wear the hair short on the sides and back without any signs of a hair restoration procedure. His last couple of trips to the clinic were particularly gratifying as we could compare the photos from his previous visits and clearly see the progress and transformation taking place.  Thank you RK for you efforts and enthusiasm, your timeline paints a compelling picture of what a patient may expect on his way to the final result.

RK’s Timeline

Surgery Details

GRAFTS: 2,593
SURGERY DATE: November 7, 2016

More Amazing Results

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