JC’s Hair Transplant Timeline

FUT Hair Transplant Timeline – Dr. Victor Hasson Patient

“JCs”‘ FUT Hair Transplant Journey

This patient in his mid 40’s was bothered slightly more by the crown but also was looking to restore the front. After consultation with Dr. Hasson, the game plan was to take as many grafts as possible and reconstruct the hairline and frontal zone in addition to the crown to maximize the cosmetic benefit. With good laxity and decent density, Dr. Hasson and team were able to harvest 6017 grafts and provide complete coverage of the thinning areas.

This patient’s journey has just begun!

Follow his timeline as he continues his hair restoration recovery and ultimately, see his final stages of growth.
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JC’s Timeline

Surgery Details

GRAFTS: 6,017

More Amazing Results

Hasson and Wong possess the highest level of artistic skills necessary to provide natural looking hair transplant results. This level of skill can only be acquired by performing thousands of hair transplant surgeries. We believe our work speaks for itself.

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