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FUT Hair Transplant Timeline-Dr. Jerry Wong Patient

“RAF’s” FUT Hair Transplant Journey

This patient from the States started his journey with Hasson and Wong back in 2002 when he was living in Vancouver. A former patient had told him about us and he decided to visit the clinic for a consultation to discuss his candidacy for hair restoration surgery.

At the time his hairline was receded and the entire top of his scalp while not too noticeably thin was at risk. It was not until 2005 that he decided to proceed with his procedure. Dr. Wong placed 2657 grafts to lower the hairline and reinforce the necessary areas of the frontal zone. This served him well for many years. Some gradual loss of the non-transplanted existing hair in the frontal zone continued. The overall appearance and result from the 2005 procedure was still very nice but most of what was left in the front was transplanted. Without the 2005 procedure he would have been left with very little up front which would have altered his appearance considerably.

It wasn’t until 2016 that he decided to increase the density throughout including the entire top. Refinement of the hairline along with some additional temple work mostly on one side was also done to improve the overall framing of the face. Dr. Wong was able to harvest 4109 grafts in this most recent procedure. Finasteride has served him well to help hold the mid scalp and crown.  The combination of this procedure and continued use of the medication should set him up for the long haul. Any subsequent procedures would likely not be necessary going forward. He is very pleased with the progress and his result to this point and was happy to participate in our timeline program and share his post-op photos in hopes of helping those perspective patients considering a procedure. It is always gratifying to see happy patients who are willing to let us use their hair transplant photos and stories, to help others in making decision’s regarding hair restoration and which clinic may be best suited to deliver the most natural and impactful result. For this we are appreciative and thank him for his efforts.

RAF’s Timeline

Surgery Details

GRAFTS: 4,109

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