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Our Hair Transplant Photos – Always Authentic

At Hasson and Wong, we ensure that our hair transplant photos are all shot using a high definition camera with a well-lit background.  In addition to our hair transplant photos, whenever possible, we also provide video footage of the before and after results so you’re 100% certain that our photos are completely authentic.

Each set of hair transplant photos in our patient gallery, provides a side-by-side snap shot of the patient’s before and after results as well as a comparable before and after slider and a video overview (whenever possible).

How to Evaluate Photo’s

When researching doctors and evaluating photos, look for detail. Photos should be clear in good lighting with no flash. The hairlines should look natural with good density. Shadows, poor lighting, lack of detail and no close-ups usually means the result is subpar and to show more detail would expose the hair transplant as something less than advertised. Very few clinics will show the type of detail required to accurately determine the quality of the work.

Side By Side Photos

We offer two types of photo gallery. The side-by-side photo gallery provides multiple images of each patient using various angles. Typically, these angles include a full frontal shot, right side view, left side view, overhead view and a view of the back of the patient’s head, and are displayed side by side for comparison.

Before/After Slider Photos

The other type of photo gallery is the Before/After slider gallery. Comparing before and after photos is very easy using our slider feature. The photo’s are stacked on top of each other so you can drag the slider and you’ll see the patient transform in front of your very eyes! This feature of our hair transplant patient photo gallery really allows you to see the significance of the patient’s hair transplant results, whilst getting a closer view of the fine details.

As mentioned, we try to provide video footage of the patient results whenever possible. This is a difficult task sometimes as many of our patient’s visit us from all over the world and unless they travel back to Vancouver, it’s difficult for us to film their completed hair restoration transformation.

We are constantly adding hair transplant before and after photos to our photo gallery, so check back often as we continue to display recent and authentic, world class hair transplant surgery results.

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