Dr. Hasson Returns To Italy!

Picture of Author: Dr. Victor Hasson

Author: Dr. Victor Hasson

Medical Doctor & Hair Restoration Surgeon

Having long been recognized as the top hair transplant clinic in the world by many Italians, every year they look forward to Dr. Hasson’s visit to provide them a free, no-obligation hair loss and hair transplant assessment. This July 8*, 9*, 10  and 11, Dr. Hasson will be in the San Paolo area of Rome to see past, present and future patients.

*July 8-11 sold out, join wait-list below

Meet Dr. Victor Hasson In Italy!

Dr. Hasson will be visiting Italy and performing live hair transplant consultations. Here’s what you can expect!

  • An evaluation of the cause of your hair loss, its’ current state and likely progression
  • A hair retention strategy
  • An assessment of your hair characteristics, including scalp laxity and donor density
  • A realistic review of your hair restoration goals
  • An estimate of the number of grafts required and available for hair transplant surgery
  • A discussion of FUE and FUT extraction methods
  • A hair transplant cost estimate

Sessions will typically last up to 20 minutes. We will set up a camera to take clear photos of your head from 12 distinct angles and may record video so the doctor can refer to your images if you decide to pursue hair transplant surgery. You will be provided with a written assessment & recommendation to take home with you.

We look forward to seeing you in Italy!

Venue Location

San Paolo Fisiomedical Center
Piazzale Edison 1
00145 – Roma – Italy

Phone number: +39-0655340263

Nearest subway station: Line B – Basilica di San Paolo.

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Consultations are available in the following languages: Italian – English – French – Spanish

For further information contact:

For English speaking individuals, please complete the form found here

Don’t use gel or wax the day of your consultation and don’t shave your hair at least 2 weeks before your appointment.

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