Vancouver FUT Hair Transplant Timeline

Vancouver Patient’s Hair Transplant Story

The following patient from Vancouver describes his hair transplant journey. Although a brief timeline of his journey, you can see his dramatic transformation.

This was an FUT hair transplant surgery performed by Dr. Victor Hasson.

This patient had surgery with our clinic in September 2014. He was a Norwood 3V and received almost 5,000 hair transplant grafts.

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This FUT patient’s journey is still in progress.

Follow his timeline as he continues his hair restoration recovery and ultimately, see his final stages of growth.
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FUT Timeline

Video Overview

Surgery Details

GRAFTS: 4,725
SURGERY DATE: September 02, 2014

More Amazing Results

Hasson and Wong possess the highest level of artistic skills necessary to provide natural looking hair transplant results. This level of skill can only be acquired by performing thousands of hair transplant surgeries. We believe our work speaks for itself.

Check out these amazing, 100% authentic, hair transplant results for yourself!

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