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Back in 2001, my hairdresser had noticed that my hair was thinning. When I went home, I took a good like at and she was correct. At that point, I began looking at options to slow down or completely stop my hair loss from progressing any further. Like most men losing their hair, I wished I could turn back the clock and have the thick hair I once had.

Over a 6-year span, I began trying various “potions”, lotions, shampoos, vitamins etc… Some of them advertising that it would stop my hair loss and eventfully provide me with a full head of hair again. At one point, I even shave my head as I was informed that it would grow back to be even thicker than it was before.

None of the above approaches worked and my hair just continued to get thinner and thinner.

The more hair I loss, the more desperate I became. I paid a visit to my local GP and after his evaluation; he basically said there’s nothing he could do for me. I was destined to be bald. I briefly investigated getting a custom wig and immediately knew it wasn’t for me.

hair transplant patient with thinning hair

My Hair Transplant Decisions

Continuing on, in 2007 I discovered a medical group in London England (they had an office there) who performed FUE procedures in Greece. I viewed photos of former patient who had FUE surgery with them and I was convinced this was my saving grace. I proceeded to have two FUE procedures with them in 2007.

They assured me that I had all the procedures that I would need. Obviously this was great news to me at the time. Of course, that wasn’t the case. There were a lot of gaps in the hairline, the placement of the hairs were done in a manner that made them look completely unnatural, and the crown area was very thin. I guess I was somewhat fortunate in that I could brush my hair forward and somewhat get away with it (masking my thinning hair to a degree). They had told me that I had received a combined total of 1,500 grafts, but it certainly didn’t look like it.

Still completely unsatisfied with my hair, over the next 8 years, I began an online search of hair restoration clinics. This led me to a number of well-known clinics of which one was Hasson and Wong. Thus began a period of consultation with Hasson and Wong as well as a number of other clinics. During this consultation period with Hasson and Wong which lasted until 2015, I met with Dr Wong and 3 occasions and had many long email and telephone discussions with the clinic and David Anderson. I would also meet with David in London following face to face consultations with Dr Wong and would spend a lot of time going over the detail of the recommendation from Dr Wong. Following many long discussions withDavid I agreed to start using finasteride 1mg 3 times a week which is the FDA approved medication to prevent hair loss in the crown. There was never any ‘pushy salesman’ tactics used and information, support and advice provided by the clinic and David was always to help inform me. It was clear to me from before/ after pics of other patients, credentials of Dr Wong, information and support from David that Hasson and Wong was clearly a world leading hair restoration clinic which would help me achieve my goals. Thus I booked to have surgery on the 15th March 2015.

FUE Timeline

Surgery Details

GRAFTS: 4,628
SURGERY DATE: March 15, 2015

More Amazing Results

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