Hair Transplant Surgery From Start To Finish

Picture of Author: Dr. Victor Hasson

Author: Dr. Victor Hasson

Medical Doctor & Hair Restoration Surgeon

If you’re considering hair transplant surgery and you’re wondering what an entire day of hair transplant surgery looks like, we hope this video provides some perspective! The patient in this video has graciously allowed us to film his entire day of surgery at our clinic. From the moment he arrives at our clinic and is greeted by one of our warm and caring team members, to the final transplanted graft, watch as this patient undergoes hair transplant surgery at Hasson and Wong.

This patient came to us with a Norwood 6 hair loss pattern. Dr. Victor Hasson  transplanted 4,527 grafts. The after results displayed on this page indicate the patient’s results 9 months after his initial surgery. Although his results at the 9-month mark look incredible, his hair will still continue to grow and thicken over the next few months.

photo of hair transplant patient 9 months after his surgery

hair transplant patient after hairline 4500 grafts

View His Complete Before And After Photo Set Here!

Visit our hair transplant photo gallery to view the entire photo set of this patient’s hair transplant surgery results!

Hair Transplant Surgery From Start To Finish

The following video provides a great overview for prospective hair transplant patients, considering hair restoration surgery. Ever wonder how a hair transplant patient feels during the actual surgery? How about when they have the donor strip removed? How does a hair transplant patient feel at the end of their surgery? All these questions and more are answered in the video!

What Does This Patient Have to Say About His Experience?

screen capture of hair transplant testimonial videoThe patient in this video, that graciously allowed us to film his entire hair transplant surgery has also taken the time to come back to our clinic to provide a video testimonial. In that video, he discusses his personal struggles with hair loss, what lead him to research the process of hair transplantation, how he felt about his surgery and the recovery process and how he felt about his dealings with our hair transplant clinic and our staff.

To hear what he has to say and what other former Hasson and Wong hair transplant patients have to say about their struggles with hair loss, visit our hair transplant reviews page.

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