My Hair Transplant Story & Journey

Picture of Author: Dr. Victor Hasson

Author: Dr. Victor Hasson

Medical Doctor & Hair Restoration Surgeon

My Story

As a Norwood 6, I started to lose my hair in my late teens and had been more or less bald since my mid-twenties. I’m now 32. After going back and forth about it, I finally resolved to get a hair transplant. I researched the top doctors and decided to go with Hasson & Wong. I was especially impressed by stellar reviews of their megasessions.

I flew into Vancouver the day before my surgery and met Dr. Hasson for the first time. He evaluated my hair and we discussed the game plan for the following morning. The goal was to harvest as many grafts as possible and shoot for a happy medium in terms of density and coverage.

Upon first meeting Dr. Hasson, it was clear that he is the real-deal: intelligent, articulate, confident, professional, and experienced. I knew I was in good hands.

hair transplant before and after 5599 hair transplant grafts

Total grafts: 5599
Total hairs: 9200
Average hairs per graft extracted: 1.64
Hair quality: good (coarse)

“I went from being almost completely bald to having an attractive head of hair in just 5 months. I’m so glad I decided to go through with the hair transplant. It was worth every penny.”



The next morning Dr. Hasson set to creating my new hairline, an extremely crucial step of the HT. I was very happy with the design, so we moved forward with cutting the FUT strip. The cutting and stapling took well over an hour, but it wasn’t painful. A bit later, Dr. Hasson made around 3400 incisions on the top of my scalp (I was given a counter), and then the technicians began the implantation. A couple of hours later, Dr. Hasson came in and made another 1400 incisions, for a total of 4800 or so.

hair transplant patient day of surgery 5599 grafts FUT

hairline of hair transplant patient the day of surgery of 5599 grafts

Dr. Hasson managed to get a very good graft count (5599 grafts). The hair-to-graft ratio was less than I’d hoped for (1.64; 9200 hairs), but he managed to cover around two-thirds of my scalp, which I was happy with considering we had a LOT of real estate to cover.

The hair transplant technicians were very patient and accommodating through the surgery, particularly when I had a bout of neck pain (from previous disc herniation). We finished up the surgery around 10pm. The first night was long and uncomfortable but I managed to sleep for a few hours. I went in for a cleaning the next afternoon. Everything looked good. I spent one more night in Vancouver and flew home early the next morning.


The first 8-9 days of recovery were rough. I had pain along the sides of the donor area, which were covered in dark scabs (dried blood) for the first 12 days. I also had moderate pain at the top of my crown. I slept sitting up for the first week, and I babied my scalp 24/7. I had some facial swelling from day 3 to day 5.

The implanted hairs began to fall out on day 15. I had shed probably two-thirds of the newly implanted hairs by week 5. I also experienced a good bit of shock loss at the donor site above the ears, but I made sure to keep the hair on the sides longer to make it less conspicuous. The hair in the shock loss area began to regrow around month 4, after which the scar became less noticeable by the week.


I had braced myself for an ugly duckling phase lasting four months, but I was happily off by a long shot. I began to see new hairs sprouting up on top after ONLY TWO MONTHS. By four months, I already had a significant amount of new hair growth in the front, an area that had been completely bald before. (The initial two months, by the way, weren’t even that bad; wearing a hat did the trick.)

By five months, a TRANSFORMATION had already taken place! I did not expect such full growth so soon. The hair was coming in thick and the new hairline had created a new frame for my face. For the first time in almost a decade, I was voluntarily leaving the house without a hat in hand. I was very happy with the results, and astonished that they had come so quickly!

By month 6, I had already forgotten what it was like to be bald. A truly remarkable experience. It’s been 8 months now, and the hair is continuing to thicken and new hairs are growing.

hair transplant patient before after hair transplant surgery right temple


But here’s what’s most remarkable about the whole surgery. My hairline looks better now than it did before I started losing my hair! It’s hard to overestimate the importance of a surgeon’s skill when it comes to creating the new hairline, and I am but one of many examples that show that Dr. Hasson is second to none.

It initially felt a bit like a leap in the dark, but I am so glad that I went through with the hair transplant. And I am so thankful that I chose Hasson & Wong. Dr. Hasson is truly a phenomenal hair surgeon, in a league of his own, and his team is truly outstanding. They exceeded my expectations. I would enthusiastically consider all who are considering a HT to seriously consider H&W. I think they are the best of the best.

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