Multiple Award Winning Hair Transplant Clinic

Hasson and Wong

Hasson and Wong is an award winning hair transplant clinic located in Vancouver BC, Canada. Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong  are extremely proud and grateful for the awards they have received in recognition of their contributions to the field of hair transplant surgery and hair restoration. They continue to lead the way as the one of the world’s most recognized and accomplished hair transplant clinics and continue to produce incredibly natural looking and truly mind blowing hair transplant results. Top Ranked Hair Transplant Clinic For Strip Surgery

We were extremely honoured when we were notified that we had won the award for the best hair transplant clinic in the world performing strip surgery. is a hugely popular hair loss website that discusses all aspects of hair loss, including hair transplants.

What makes the award even more special, is that Hasson and Wong were competing against some of the other top hair transplant clinics in the world. We are proud to say Hasson and Wong emerged as the #1 overall choice when it came to the quality and consistency of our hair transplants.

ISHRS Golden Follicle Award For Most Outstanding Contributions To Hair Transplant Surgery

The ISHRS (International Alliance For Hair Restoration Surgery) awarded the Golden Follicle Award to Dr. Jerry Wong for his outstanding contributions to the field of hair restoration surgery. The Golden Follicle Award is arguably the most prestigious award given to hair transplant surgeons across the world.

Hair Transplant Network Patient’s Choice Award

The Hair Transplant Network’s Patient’s Choice Award was awarded to Hasson and Wong. Hair transplant patients voted on which clinic they felt produced the highest quality hair transplant results and Hasson and Wong won by a large margin. We are honored and pleased to have won the award and we thank all of those who voted for us.

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