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We met this hair transplant patient on a recent trip to Italy. There are Hasson and Wong consultants working in Europe, the UK, the USA and Canada who travel to different cities conducting free in-person hair loss assessments & providing advice on what hair restoration options would be most effective. See a list of upcoming cities where consultations will be held.

One of this patients’ primary goals was to achieve maximum coverage in his first surgery.  He was willing to give up a little density in the front to ensure the crown could get reasonable coverage.  He decided that he would assess his situation again after the first surgery, and if he wanted to achieve greater density in the front, he could schedule a second procedure.

Dr. Wong and his team of  terrific technicians transplanted a total of 4461 hair grafts to achieve his hairline and coverage goals.  Needless to say, he is happy with the results, shown here after about 8 months.  This transplant was made up of 925 single-count hair grafts, 3231 were doubles (2 hairs) and 305 were 3 or 4-count  hair grafts.  The strip was 31.2 cm x approximately 1.5 cm. On the  day of his second procedure, 3,000 total grafts were added to the frontal zone and mid scalp which should complete his transformation.

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Hair Transplant Before and After pictures - Dr. Wong

Hair Transplant Before and After pictures - Dr. Wong

Hair Transplant Before and After pictures - Dr. Wong

Hair Transplant Before and After pictures - Dr. Wong

Hair Transplant Before and After pictures - Dr. Wong

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Another Incredible Hair Transplant Result

We are always so thrilled to see the impact hair transplant surgery can have on a persons’ life.   When we first saw this patients’ “after” pictures, we could tell that something significant had happened for him.

Dr. Hasson was able to harvest 5761 grafts to address his extensive frontal hair loss in one session using FUT extraction.  The total number of follicular units transplanted was made up of 1344 single hair grafts, 4024 double grafts and 393 3-4 hair-units.  The size of the excised strip size was 30cm x 1.5-2cm.  The patient started using topical Finasteride at the time of surgery.

The “after” photos were sent in by the patient, a musician from Calgary,  about 8 months after surgery.  Can you imagine how he must feel?  As you can imagine he is very happy with the results so far and this musician who plays bass guitar and sings once again looks the part.  He will be making a trip out to Vancouver this summer where we hope to take photos and video to show you here on our blog and in our hair transplant galleries. We will update his case in the coming months, and hope you’ll subscribe below so you’ll be notified when we post new pictures.