Hair Transplant Surgery From Start To Finish

If you’re considering hair transplant surgery and you’re wondering what an entire day of hair transplant surgery looks like, we hope this video provides some perspective! The patient in this video has graciously allowed us to film his entire day of surgery at our clinic. From the moment he arrives at our clinic and is greeted by one of our warm and caring team members, to the final transplanted graft, watch as this patient undergoes hair transplant surgery at Hasson and Wong.

This patient came to us with a Norwood 6 hair loss pattern. Dr. Victor Hasson  transplanted 4,527 grafts. The after results displayed on this page indicate the patient’s results 9 months after his initial surgery. Although his results at the 9-month mark look incredible, his hair will still continue to grow and thicken over the next few months.

photo of hair transplant patient 9 months after his surgery
hair transplant patient after hairline 4500 grafts

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Hair Transplant Surgery From Start To Finish

The following video provides a great overview for prospective hair transplant patients, considering hair restoration surgery. Ever wonder how a hair transplant patient feels during the actual surgery? How about when they have the donor strip removed? How does a hair transplant patient feel at the end of their surgery? All these questions and more are answered in the video!

What Does This Patient Have to Say About His Experience?

The patient in this video, that graciously allowed us to film his entire hair transplant surgery has also taken the time to come back to our clinic to provide a video testimonial. In that video, he discusses his personal struggles with hair loss, what lead him to research the process of hair transplantation, how he felt about his surgery and the recovery process and how he felt about his dealings with our hair transplant clinic and our staff.

To hear what he has to say and what other former Hasson and Wong hair transplant patients have to say about their struggles with hair loss, visit our hair transplant reviews page.

Recent Hasson and Wong Hair Transplant Results

Here are a few of our favorite hair transplant surgery results from recent surgeries performed at our clinic. As always, our hair transplant photos and videos feature our own patients and their real results. We don’t play tricks with lighting or hair products and we never photoshop or alter results in any way, so you can always be assured you are seeing the real thing!

This video features five recent hair transplant patients who came to us with varying degrees of hair loss, with ages ranging between the mid-20’s to mid-40’s. All surgeries highlighted in these clips were performed by Dr. Victor Hasson using the FUT method of extraction (strip) to harvest the grafts.

Whether we use FUT or FUE to harvest, each graft unit is inspected by technicians under a high-powered microscope to ensure it is viable and will grow when transplanted. When FUT is used, grafts are individually extracted from the strip under magnification then are trimmed before being transplanted. If FUE is used, the graft units are individually removed from the scalp and then each unit is trimmed as required.

To view more incredible transformation just like these, visit our hair transplant videos page!

hair transplant patient result #1

Hair Transplant Result #1

The first patient had 2335 grafts transplanted, and you can see the remarkable difference in his hairline, which has improved his appearance immensely. To us, he looks years younger.

hair transplant patient results over 6,000 grafts

Hair Transplant Result #2

The second featured patient had a larger operation, with 6542 grafts transplanted. His receding temples were filed in, and we think you’ll agree that he looks like a different person.

hair transplant results Hasson and Wong patient #3

  Hair Transplant Result #3

Our third patient had 3888 grafts transplanted, taking him from a Norwood 3 to about a Norwood 1.  The temples and forelock were filled-in, and his contemporary hairstyle shows how natural and authentic a transplanted hairline can look.

hair transplant surgery results of patient with 4,000 grafts

Hair Transplant Result #4

Going from a head with thinning front and temples to a head of thick, shiny hair must be a great joy for  the fourth featured patient, who had 4006 grafts transplanted in one session.

hair transplant patient results of 4,400 hair transplant grafts

Hair Transplant Result #5

Our final patient had 4452 grafts transplanted, building both the temples and front areas, restoring a natural hairline and giving him back his youthful style.

A New Hair Transplant Journey Is Underway!

This Hasson & Wong hair transplant patient is just beginning his hair transplant journey. Follow his story as he shares his thoughts and hair transplant photos of his recovery progress and ultimately, his final results. As always, we are truly grateful and thankful to individual’s such as this gentleman, who have taken the time to help others that may be considering hair transplant surgery.

hair transplant patient one month after surgery

The Photo on the left was taken by the patient prior to his surgery. The photo on the right was taken in our clinic the day after his surgery


I’m going to give a fairly detailed account of my whole experience. After spending years researching, reading peoples accounts of their experiences and visiting clinic’s websites, I always found patient’s long detailed forum posts sharing their experiences were the most illuminating and informative.

I’m writing this exactly one month post-op. I didn’t want the initial excitement to affect my write-up, I will give a completely honest review of my experience, start to finish.

My hair loss history

Strange as it may sound, the early signs of hair loss were apparent from the age of 11! My first day at secondary school, I still have a picture where you can see major thinning at the front. By 13/14, it got to the point where kids at school would say ‘haha are you going bald at this age?!?!’ My parents took me to see my GP who referred me to the hospital for blood tests etc. I was told, aged 14, that there was nothing abnormal going on with me in terms of my health, and I was suffering from male pattern baldness. It was genetic. I was losing my hair the same way my father had (early 30’s) and my grandfather had. It just started at a ridiculously young age. By the time I was 17 there was no hiding it, I was losing hair quickly and I started using Nanogen fibres (I think this is called toppix in America??).

Aged 21, I looked so ridiculous with the fibres, they were basically sitting on my head, there was hardly any hair left on top, and everywhere I went, people’s eyes would constantly go back and forth from my eyes, to my hair. How embarrassing. I shaved it off. I didn’t look bad with the bald look. The shaved head (people told me) suited me, my head shape is such that I can pull off the look. But it just isn’t me, that look does not reflect my personality. In the world we live in, people make quick judgements on you based on your appearance. It just wasn’t me, and I already had my heart set on a hair transplant. I wore a baseball cap pretty much all of the time and the thought of having to go somewhere where I couldn’t wear my cap was stressful and made me feel uncomfortable.

I remember being 18, reading up on hair transplants. I didn’t understand them at all! I just knew I wanted one. ‘Oh look, there’s a clinic in Pakistan, I’ll go there, it’ll only cost a couple of thousand’. I was naïve, I wasn’t aware of any of the institutes for hair restoration, I took all pictures as genuine and unedited. Fortunately, I didn’t go down that route, I had heard about someone who had been there and had a bad experience. In 2011, age 22, I travelled to Manchester to have a consultation with one of the best-known clinics in the world. I was told to go on Propecia, which I flat out refused to do because I had heard of the side effects. There was NO WAY I was going to take it! They told me they wouldn’t consider taking me on until I was 25.

Early 2012

A new friend asked me why I always wear a cap. I told him it was because I’m losing my hair. He suggested a hair transplant. I told him that was the plan. He told me about his friend who had one recently and I said I’d be interested in meeting him. This guy, a complete stranger to me, came to see me. He told me about Hasson & Wong. ‘The best in the world’ he said. ‘Yeah right, that’s what they all say’ I thought to myself. He was only a few months post-op. There was a bit of hair coming through but not a great deal, it was too early to judge his results. I struggled to find his hair transplant scar, and his hair was very short so I was impressed by that. Later that day, I looked at their website. It wasn’t great! It’s been updated now, but it was pretty basic, didn’t look good at all. Then I looked at their before and after photos. They were absolutely superb. Totally natural looking. I read on the forums. I couldn’t find a bad thing about these guys! I realised these guys didn’t need a fancy website, or online advertising. Their results were fantastic, but also they were very consistent and it was the results that gave them such a fantastic reputation. I searched all the forums, checked so many clinic’s sites, and at that point, after countless hours or reading, late nights looking at before and after pictures, I thought ‘yep, that guy was right, they are the best in the world’.

I met Joetronic (this is his handle on the chat forums), David Anderson (H&W’s UK Consultant) and Dr Wong in London in November 2012. Joe convinced me to get on Propecia in about 5 minutes. I’ve been on it for nearly 3 years now and I’ve never had a side effect. I then met David and Dr Wong. Dr Wong is softly spoken and small in stature, but he is an absolute giant in the world of hair restoration and when he speaks, people listen. He told me that I would probably require 2 procedures. One to build me a new hairline about 1.5-2cm higher than my original one, and for the frontal third. There would probably be enough grafts to get some coverage mid scalp but not the crown and then in a second smaller procedure, we could address the crown and add some more grafts mid scalp. He told me that I should take Finasteride for a year and we could re-evaluate a year later, he wanted to see my hair loss stabilise first. These guys had me totally at ease and answered all of my questions. I left feeling a lot better about it all.

Summer 2013

I got an email from David asking if I wanted another consultation with him in London. I jumped at the chance. He answered all of my questions (many, many questions) and took some more photos. He let me inspect his hair too, and his scar, it was all very impressive. He emailed me after saying he had shown Dr Wong the photos and he thought I was now a good candidate for a hair transplant as my hair loss was stable because of the Finasteride. At that point, the only thing stopping me from going was the money side of things. I was self employed and things were going backwards….

I stayed in touch with David after that. I made him aware of my financial situation and he was very understanding. I asked him how I could bring the cost down – he said if I was able to travel at short notice and take a slot someone else had dropped out of I could get a discount. Every time I had a question for him, he always answered me promptly, always showed patience and always clearly explained things to me. From the first time I met him 3 years ago, to this day, he has always been available to help, always supportive, always honest, it’s been a real pleasure to have known him.

June 2015

David asked me if I wanted another consultation with Dr Wong but I declined as I was happy with our plan and didn’t want to take a slot when someone new might be able to meet them. I told David I was ready for my procedure and he told me he would let me know as soon as a slot became available. In mid-July, I received a telephone call from him saying there was a date for me – 29th of July and it was mine if I wanted it. I jumped at the chance. It was finally going to happen! After another phone call, making sure I wasn’t on any medication that would affect the procedure and a few other basic things, I booked my flight. Exciting times!

As the date got nearer, I got more and more nervous. I had built this up so much in my head. I landed in Vancouver the afternoon before the procedure. I flew Air Transat, nice fight, no problems, it was a 9.5 hour flight from Gatwick, London. I got the train from the Airport to the clinic. It was only a 5 minute walk from the station. If I have one regret about the whole thing, it was that I didn’t get there a few days earlier. What a beautiful place! I didn’t realise it was so nice. Such a clean city, natural beauty, great architecture, perfect weather and the nicest people on earth! Must be such a great place to live.

When I got to the hair transplant clinic, I was greeted by Daria. It was a hot day, I was offered a drink right away, and was given some forms to fill in. David was there too, he was out there for a couple of months, ideal timing for me, it was nice to have a familiar face there so that was a nice bonus. After filling out the forms and enjoying the wonderful view of the city from the waiting area, I was greeted by Dr Wong. David, Dr Wong and I had a chat about the procedure, Dr Wong showed me what hairline he thought was best – I was happy with it. We were aiming for around 4,000 grafts. I had good laxity but my density in the sides wasn’t great. Honestly, I was getting more nervous and I think David picked up on it, but he soon calmed me down. I headed to my hotel, had some dinner and got to sleep nice and early as surgery was starting at 6.15am. I had a decent nights sleep. In the morning I got ready and left the hotel to grab some breakfast and headed to the clinic.

I was greeted by Carmen who had a few questions for me to answer and some forms to sign. She was wonderful throughout, you could really see that she genuinely enjoyed what she does and putting smiles back on people’s faces. Dr Wong arrived and drew my new hairline again and asked me if I was happy with it, which I was. I lay down on the couch face down, and after my head being completely numbed, Dr Wong took the strip and stapled the wound closed. I felt no pain or discomfort whatsoever. Dr Wong’s team started separating the follicles and as I sat there, looking at a beautiful view of the city, the nerves were gone as I realised, that if I was a multi-millionaire wanting a hair transplant, I would be sat in this very chair, with this very Doctor.

The Surgery Begins

Dr Wong started to make the slits. He told me that if I felt any pain to let him know so he could numb my head some more. I was very relaxed, watching TV shows on Netflix. I even fell asleep for a while as the girls were placing the follicles! Dr Wong and his team showed such patience and professionalism throughout, I cannot find a single fault. After a lot of single hair grafts were placed around the hairline, there were 4 ladies placing grafts. I was totally numb, no pain whatsoever. Then David walked in, asking me if I had heard the final graft count. I said no, and he informed me we had hit over 5,000! The final count was 5,140. Dr Wong placed the final slits mid scalp and around the crown. I don’t know how he managed to place them so well. I don’t know how he got coverage on the crown with that amount of grafts covering such a huge area. I know the density won’t be great at the back but at least there will be some coverage hopefully.

I was given lunch of my choosing (there really is a huge choice). The surgery took longer than expected, we hit more grafts than we thought and you could see the care that was being put into the placement of each graft. We stopped around 8pm for some dinner. It was nice to stretch my legs. Dr Wong’s team were perfect – I cannot fault them at all, they were always asking if I was in pain, if I wanted anything to drink, if I wanted to stretch my legs or move my neck around, and their work was spot on, couldn’t have asked any more of them. Finally, at around 2230, it was over. I headed for the mirror, and for the first time in years, I had a proper full hairline! It was at that point, I got a second mirror and inspected the back and couldn’t believe that Dr Wong had actually managed to get some coverage all the way back. I was given a goodie bag. There was an inflatable neck pillow so I wouldn’t have to sleep on my staples if it was too uncomfortable, also a pillow cover so I didn’t get any blood on my pillow in my hotel room. Special shampoo, cream for the scar, painkillers, sleeping tablets, staple remover, and a leaflet with basic info. Oh and a large baseball cap, loose enough not to pull out any grafts – they really had thought of everything. I headed back to my hotel, had a bit of dinner and slept like a baby.

The Next Day

After a long sleep, I had some breakfast and headed back to the clinic to get my hair washed. I was showed how to wash it carefully, for how many days, talked through the whole thing. I saw Dr Wong and he said everything was looking good to him. I spent the rest of the day exploring the city – what a great place. If any of you reading this are planning on going, make sure you take a few days extra before the procedure to enjoy it – I wish I had.

Two days post-op, time to go home

I stopped off at the clinic again on the way to the airport. I had my hair washed again and said goodbye to everyone. I had a chat with David, lost track of time and was running late for my flight. I know I’ll be back out there again at some point, hopefully towards the end of 2016.

I slept really well on the flight back. When I woke up, I noticed my forehead was slightly swollen. The swelling worked its way down my face over the next 3 days and was gone 5 days post op. Not painful at all, it was expected and it was funny looking at myself in the mirror, I thought it was hilarious, my mom thought I’d gone mad haha. I know some people have issues sleeping … I have never slept so well in all my life. Maybe that was just my body’s way of recovering from it all, but I slept long and I slept well. The staples just didn’t hurt me. My dad removed them for me 14 days post op. Took about 10 minutes. Minimal pain. Had a nice hot shower first. The area above the scar on the back of my head is still pretty numb but not totally, I know the feeling will come back but will take months, it’s really not an issue. Washing my hair was easy enough, just got to be careful, follow the instructions and there are no problems. The scar is looking ok, again it will take months to fully heal but I can see hair actually growing out of it because of the way Dr Wong closed it, so not worried about that at all.

One Month Post-op

So, here I am, one-month post-op.  The pre-op pics are from a few months back, they’re the best pics to show the extent of my hair loss because normally my head is shaved.

hair transplant patient one month after surgery

I’ll wrap this up with a few words on Dr Wong. I really found him to be a wonderful guy. There is a reason why he is so highly regarded. He is an honest man, a man of his word, and surely up there as one of the very best hair transplant surgeons in the world. You don’t win a golden follicle award for nothing. I can’t fault anything, it couldn’t have gone any better in my eyes, even the number of grafts we hit and Dr Wong was very generous in that respect. I cannot thank him enough for his work, I could not be happier with how it all went.

I know this is one of the longer write-ups, so if you’ve actually read all of it…..well done! I will post new pictures at the end of each month. Any comments are welcome, any questions anyone has about my experience with H&W, just comment or drop me a message.

Thanks for reading.

Two Months Post-op

2 month update. Progressing well, clearly some early growth which is pleasing to see. Scar is looking better by the week. Feeling above the scar is also improving by the day, still a little bit numb but definitely getting better. Nothing to complain about, feeling pretty good about it all, no irritation in the recipient area or anything like that. Looking forward to some more growth over the coming months!

hair transplant patient 2 months after surgery

Four Months Post-op

Clearly the biggest improvement so far. I am really pleased with progress, when I look in the mirror now I see a younger man looking back which is a wonderful feeling after so many years. Really looking forward to seeing how it looks next month.

Hair transplant growth at four months

Six Months Post-op

6 months down and it’s looking great, steady progress and hopefully some more still to come. I feel great when I look in the mirror, confidence is on the rise!

Hair transplant surgery fUE after 6 months

Eight Months Post-op

hasson and wong hair transplant patient 8 months after surgery

Nine Months Post-op

Hair really maturing, people are complimenting me on a daily basis. Hair on the crown area is coming through now, took longer than the rest but definitely progressing well. It will take a while to mature as it’s just coming through. I actually think I will see improvements overall well past 12 months.

hair transplant patient 9 months after hair transplant surgery

What Happens At A Live City Consultation?

flags of the world on a globe Hasson and Wong always offer fast and free hair transplant consultations using our online consultation form, by simply submitting your photos and providing us with some brief information. But if you would prefer an in-person assessment, our traveling Patient Advisors frequently hold free, live consultations in cities across the USA, Canada, the UK and parts of Europe. If you’re in Vancouver, we can arrange a consultation in our clinic.

All of our Patient Advisors are also former patients, so they are able to share their first-hand experience with you and help you to understand your options.

Live Consultations In Your City

What happens at a City Consultation?

While each consultant operates their own live consultations, generally this is what you can expect.

Once you’ve submitted a request for a live consultation, we’ll contact you by email or phone to set a time and date for your appointment. Sessions are usually held in private hotel meeting rooms where you’ll meet one-on-one with an Advisor. You can expect your meeting to last between 30 to 45 minutes.

Your Advisor will have a camera set up and will photograph up to 11 distinct angles and may record video of your donor area so the doctors can have a clear and thorough look at your current situation.

vectors of various head poses

While your photos are being taken, we’ll ask about your hair loss history, expectations and, goals. We’ll be looking at the current state of your hair loss and the quality, density and laxity of your donor area. For most people, hair loss is a result of Androgenetic alopecia, your Advisor will help you to understand the normal progression of this type of hair loss and what that means to you. If your hair loss is brought on by a different cause, we will consult with Dr. Hasson or Dr. Wong to ensure you are a candidate for hair transplant restoration.

Your Goals

Understanding your hair restoration goals and helping you to manage your hair transplant surgery expectations is a critical part of your consultation session. Our surgeons can provide incredible results, but they cannot turn back the hands of time and it is important that your expectations are reasonable and achievable. Both doctors would refuse to perform surgery on a patient whose expectations are not achievable.

Your Donor Zone

Critical to the success of any hair transplant surgery is the availability and quality of “donor” hair, those hormone-resistant follicles that grow around the back and sides of your head. We’ll be looking to see how much donor hair is available and testing the laxity of your scalp. (Laxity is the amount of “give” or elasticity in your donor zone, and it is important if you are having FUT extraction. The more laxity you have, the larger the strip can be, which will provide a greater number of hair grafts. ) Laxity is not important for FUE extractions, and the size of the donor area can be much larger for FUE than FUT.

vectors of human head showing hair transplant donor areas

In FUT (strip) extraction, the donor zone is limited to the most pliable areas of your scalp that contain loss-resistant hairs. In FUE (punch) extraction, the donor zone is only limited by the area that contains loss-resistant hairs.

Hair Loss Prevention

If you are not already using a method to prevent further hair loss, we can discuss the medication options available to you and recommend a method that best suits your needs. There are both oral and topical solutions (Finasteride and Minoxidil) that can be used daily to prevent more hair loss. Your complete hair restoration strategy should include the continual management of your hair loss: having a hair transplant operation without loss-prevention means that your hair density will continue to deteriorate and your naturally transplanted hair will start to look more and more incongruous. Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong almost always recommend medication so you can get the most out of your natural hair.


While you are meeting, your Advisor prepares a report including all of the photos and information you’ve supplied. The report is sent via email to our Senior Patient Advisor who will review your data. The Senior Advisor may contact your Advisor if he has any questions or needs clarification. The Senior Advisor then schedules a meeting with either Dr. Hasson or Dr. Wong who will review your file along with the Senior Advisor, who notes his insights, observations, assessment and recommendations.

Once the doctor has evaluated your file and provided a recommendation, the completed recommendation is sent to you via email. Your Advisor will follow-up within a few days to see if you have any questions.

Dr. Hasson or Dr. Wong?

How will you decide? Each of our Patient Advisors are knowledgeable aboth hair transplant surgeons , and will be able to assist you in determining which surgeon is best for you. Hasson and Wong have very similar levels of experience and expertise and have worked together for nearly 20 years helping each other to perfect their skills, so you’ll make the right choice, regardless of the surgeon you select. Read about Dr. Wong and about Dr. Hasson.

Your Advisors

Our roving Hasson & Wong hair transplant advisors select cities throughout their region in which to host a live consulation. You can book your session through our site, or by contacting the advisor directly using the links below. If your city is not listed, you can send a request to have us add your city and the advisor for your region will be able to let you know if and when we can accommodate your request.

photo of hasson & Wong hair transplant consultant for toronto


James is our Toronto consultant, but he frequently hosts live in-person hair transplant consultations in Calgary, Montreal, Halifax and Edmonton. Learn more about James here

photo of Hasson & Wong Vancouver hair transplant consultant


Doug is our Vancouver consultant. He’s been with Hasson & Wong for over 10 years and has consulted with thousands of patients over the years.

Hasson & Wong hair transplant consultant for the UK


David is our hair transplant consultant in the UK and he’s also a former patient. You can see David’s hair transplant journey on his hair transplant timeline. David typically hosts in-person consultations in London, Manchester and Dublin.

Further to the above consultants is Mike. Mike is our U.S consultant who frequently hosts consultations in Miami, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Mike is based out of Seattle in which has a fixed consultation office there.

Bola is another of our consultants who frequently conducts in-person consultations in Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Madrid and Barcelona.

If you’re interested in an in-person consultation, check our city consultation page for a list of available dates and cities or complete our online consultation form.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extractions) at Hasson & Wong

Dr. Wong speaking at FUE hair transplant workshopDr. Jerry Wong recently participated in the Third Annual Mediterranean FUE Workshop, held in Istanbul, Turkey in June 2015. Dr. Wong interacted and watched some extraordinary  FUE practitioners as they  demonstrated their skill, techniques and art.

All methods of FUE extractions were explored: motorized drill, dull & sharp, Cold Isolation Techniques and manual.  The workshops were conducted at Dr. Koray Endergan’s hair transplant clinic where four operating rooms were used simultaneously and 12 different hair transplant surgeries were performed over the course of three days. The surgeries were performed by a number of different surgeons, each using different techniques. It quickly became obvious that the very best grafts were generated by the manual extraction method.

Manual extraction not only generated the best looking grafts, it also creates the smallest extraction holes out of all the different methods. Since manual extraction is more gentle on the donor skin and surrounding follicles, it also enables more grafts to be extracted , making mega-sessions a possibility.

At Hasson and Wong we have two very talented and practiced technicians who are experts with manual extractions.  We are committed to staying on top of current techniques and to using the best equipment available and constantly monitor developments in the industry so we can evaluate what works best.

Hasson and Wong are proud to offer both FUT and FUE extractions, and are committed to performing the best Follicular Unit Extractions to ensure quick recovery times and continued remarkable hair transplant results.


Hair Transplant Dense Packing

dense-packing-bigIn those patients with sufficient donor density, dense or ultra dense packing can be performed to restore hair density to levels previously regarded as unattainable using other hair transplant techniques. The issue of hair transplant density is critical in determining the quality of the transplant results. Density is the single largest area of concern from patients of other hair restoration clinics.

What patients need to understand is what is normal hair density and what percentage of this density is required in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. Hair density is measured in numbers of follicular units per square centimeter of scalp. This varies enormously within a population and even more between different racial groups. In Caucasians the average density is usually between 90 and 120 follicular units per square centimeter. The density is lower in other racial groups and is lowest in those of African descent.

A key component of dense and ultra dense packing is the Lateral Slit Technique: the creation of recipient sites customized to the exact size of the follicular unit of the individual hair replacement patient. The technique is made possible by the invention by Hasson & Wong of a custom blade cutting device.