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Learn About Hair Transplant Surgery

While medications can be effective in preventing further hair loss, there are currently no medicinal treatments that will successfully bring back  your full head of hair.   Hair transplant surgery has been a viable and practical solution for decades. Modern techniques allow for single-session surgeries and “megasessions” where many thousands of hair grafts can be transplanted in a single surgical session.

Hair transplant surgery takes loss-resistant hair from a “donor zone” at the back and sides of your head and transplants them in a way that achieves your hair recovery goals. When these transplanted hairs are firmly rooted and growing, your hair will look natural and behave the same way you would expect your hair to behave. Doctors Hasson and Wong both have more than 20 years of experience designing hair lines and planning recipient sites to produce outstanding results.

There are two major methods of extracting hair: FUE and FUT, and a number of techniques used to ensure your transplanted hair blends with your natural growth and meets your hair recovery goals. Learn more about Hasson and Wongs’ techniques using the links below.

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