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Always Authentic.

We’re proud of our work and always feature real,unretouched photos & videos.

Hair transplant surgery can have a remarkable impact on your looks and the way you feel about yourself. We are proud to share before-and-after hair transplant videos of our real patients so you can see the kind of results you can expect from Hasson and Wong.

Before and After Hair Transplant Photo Galleries

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Quality Comparisons

Whenever possible, we take pictures in our clinic against a blue backdrop, but we often rely on patients to send us their own photos 8 months to a year after their surgery. This means the background will be different, the lighting will be different and  the patient may be wearing different coloured clothing.  Read our Guarantee of Authenticity.

Real Results

All the photography on our sites features our own real clients and unretouched results.

Our Latest Before-and-After Pictures

Always Authentic

We present a continually growing library of before-and-after hair transplant photos so you can see exactly what kind of results you can expect from Hasson and Wong.  All of our photos feature our real patients and their unretouched results. You will find side-by-side comparisons showing patients before and after hair transplant surgery along with “sliders” that allow you to interact with the images and compare before-and-after states.  Whenever possible, we also include video results, split-screen shots and more, all organized to help you find hair loss patients with situations similar to your own.  See our galleries to explore.


Want to see more?

We have pre-filtered our hair transplant galleries to help you find cases similar to your own. Check out these galleries to see side-by-side before-and-after photos and sliders.

Moderate to Low hair loss: Norwood 3 and below
Severe hair loss: above Norwood 5
Surgeries with 3000 to 4000 Grafts transplanted
Extraordinary surgeries, 7000 Grafts or more

Natural Results

Hair Transplant Natural ResultsHair transplant doctors Hasson & Wong have been providing incredible hair restoration results for more than 18 years each.  They work to continually improve both service and results and are recognized as World-leaders in the industry.   Dr. Hasson introduced individually customized surgical scalpels and Dr. Wong pioneered the lateral slit technique, which allows us to accurately match the natural look of your hair through a precise process.  This technique has been recognized as the single most important breakthrough in hair transplant surgery since the concept of the follicular unit was put into practice. This revolutionary hair transplant technique is now used by leading hair loss clinics worldwide.
Learn more about the lateral slit technique


Hair Transplant  Before and After megasessionsMost people are looking for the greatest value for their time and money. The strip excision technique enables the most effective processing of extracted hair grafts and allows us to offer “Megasessions” where we can transplant more than 3000 grafts in a single surgical session. Our patients can experience dramatic results without the need for multi-day surgical sessions. Our doctors routinely transplant more grafts in a single session than any other hair restoration clinic, providing the patient with greater value compared to other clinics that require 2 or 3 sessions to achieve similar results.
Read about megasessions


Hair Transplant Extraction by FUE or FUTThere are two ways to extract donor hair for transplantation.  In Follicular Unit Transplant surgery (FUT), donor hair is harvested by excising a narrow strip of scalp from the donor area — an area at the back of the head that is resistant to hair loss. Each follicular unit in the donor strip is then individually excised so that each graft unit contains one to four hairs in their natural groupings. FUT has proven to be the most efficient, consistent and cost-effective, hair transplant method. Follicular Unit Extraction (using a surgical punch and automated assistance via Artas surgical robot) extracts follicular units individually from a wider donor zone and is an option for patients who are not comfortable with FUT extraction. We’re happy to help you discover which method will work best for you.
Find out about  FUT, FUE & The Artas Robotic Assistant

Minimal Scarring

minimal scarring hair transplant methodWhen using FUT extraction, Hasson & Wong use the Trichophytic Closure technique for donor area closure, which greatly minimizes donor area scarring. The lower edge of the donor incision is trimmed and beveled which allows the upper edge to overlap. The overlapping produces a more precise closure and allows grafts to grow through the scar. For most patients the scar is thin, unnoticeable, and easily hidden even with short hair styles. Hasson and Wong also offer scar revision surgery to improve the look of old scars or scars left from other surgeries.
See how trichophytc closure works

Dr. Victor Hasson

Doctor Victor Hasson

Doctor Hasson has been practicing hair transplant surgery in Vancouver for over 18 years. He has contributed to a number of hair transplant text books and is frequently a featured speaker and guest surgeon at international conferences and surgical workshops where he discusses and showcases his unique experience, talent and approach to hair transplantation. Find out more about Dr. Victor Hasson.

Dr. Jerry Wong

Doctor Jerry Wong

Dr. Wong opened the Hasson and Wong clinic more than 18 years ago and has more practical, hands-on experience than almost any other surgeon in the World. He pioneered the revolutionary Lateral Slit Technique and was recently President of the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons and regularly speaks at conferences around the globe. Learn more about Dr. Wong.

Two of the most skilled and ethical hair transplant surgeons I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Results are simply awe-inspiring. Spencer Kobren

Founder, American Hair Loss Association

From the Hair Transplant Blog

Calgary Calling

Calgary Calling

If you’ve been wondering about a hair transplant and whether it is the right solution for you, you might want to book a live consultation with us in Calgary at the end of July. Join our roving Canadian Consultant, James when he rolls into Calgary on Friday, July... read more
Hair Transplants On the Radio

Hair Transplants On the Radio

Hasson and Wong has been operating their hair transplant clinic in Vancouver for almost 20 years, and in all that time, almost all of the marketing we do is word-of-mouth, personal recommendations and social networking and internet.  The only traditional... read more

Is Hair Transplant Surgery the Right Solution for You?

While there are many factors that can rule out Hair Transplant Surgery, most applicants are suitable candidates. If you are in generally good health and the quality, density and amount of donor hair available is a sufficient, you could be a qualified candidate. But how much hair do you need?  There is a balance between the amount of donor hair available and the amount that is required to achieve your hair restoration goals. We would not recommend surgery if there is not enough donor hair to give you the aesthetic look you desire.

Donor Zone

Safe hair transplant extraction zones

The first step in your investigation is to see whether a hair transplant will achieve the results you want. To get started, you can to set up an in-person consultation or take advantage of our free and fast online consultation. If you’re in Vancouver you can use the online form or call us at 604-739-4247 to arrange a meeting in the Clinic. Whether we review your situation in person or online, we’ll be looking at the current state of your hair loss, your general health and the quality and amount of donor hair available. We’ll also ask about your goals so we can let you know if your expectations are attainable given your circumstances. Our reputation is based on the work we do, and we will only perform surgery when we believe we can meet your goals and achieve an  excellent result. Read More

Hair Transplant Surgery Overview

If you decide to have hair transplant surgery to repair hair loss, what can you expect?

Hair Restoration Transplant Surgery with Hasson and Wong is almost always achieved in one session on one day. The length of the session varies depending on your own circumstances, the number of grafts required to achieve your goals and the method of extraction you choose.  Sessions can last anywhere from 5 hours to 12 hours.  The surgery takes place in our surgical clinic in Vancouver which is regulated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.


We will meet with you to assess your hair loss and goals either online, via skype, in-clinic or with one of our excellent consultants.  You’ll find out your hair-loss progression rating, an estimate of the number of grafts required and whether your donor hair availability will support your goals.

Day of your Operation: Extraction, Site Preparation & Transplant

First, you’ll meet with your surgeon & technical team for a review of the procedure and finalize planning for your recipient sites. A local anesthetic is injected to ensure your comfort.The first part of your surgery is the extraction of hair grafts via the FUE or FUT method. Once the grafts are removed, the technical team processes each graft under high-powered microscopes. In FUE the incisions are made by the robotic arm, but the grafts are removed individually by technicians.

Once the donor grafts start to be processed, your surgeon begins to prepare the recipient sites. He carefully creates incisions using the Lateral Slit Technique. For this part of the procedure, you are seated comfortably. Once the the first set of incisions are made and the technicians begin to precisely place the grafts, you can enjoy TV, movies or the internet. Breaks are also provided throughout your procedure when you require a stretch break, washroom or food.  The procedure continues altering between incisions and planting until the donor hair is completely distributed

The day After

At the end of your surgical session, you’ll be invited back the next day for a follow-up and hair-washing lesson.  Patients are able to walk out of the clinic wearing a loose-fitting baseball cap (provided) and can enjoy the rest of their day.


Your newly planted hair will go through several phases before finally showing the final outcome of your surgery. It can take anywhere from 7 to 12 months to see the full growth of your new hair. Read about the recovery period complete with recovery pictures.

Hair Loss & Transplants

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Why Hasson and Wong?

Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong have been practicing aesthetic hair transplant surgery  in Vancouver for almost 20 years.  The Doctors and clinic are world-renown as leaders in hair transplant surgery and pioneered advances in hair restoration methods practices.  Their experience and exceptional skills using the lateral slit technique provide incredible, natural looking results which we are proud to showcase here on our site.  Hasson and Wong are currently working with Artas to introduce FUE via robotic assistance, so you may choose the extraction method that is best for you. Whether you choose FUE or FUT, their talent and experience will provide you with outstanding results.

Where in the World?

The Hasson and Wong Hair Transplant Clinic in Vancouver serves both Canadian and international patients – the majority of the clinic’s patients travel from cities all over the world to have their surgery with Dr. Hasson or Dr. Wong.  Most patients spend 3 or 4 days in Vancouver, long enough for surgery, a check-up and some sightseeing!  Our clinic is minutes from the coolest neighborhoods and getting around the city is easy & inexpensive. Patients flying in for surgery are eligible for a generous travel and accommodation rebate.

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